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Rise Above Your Vertical Challenge

Increase Your Independence


Avoid Expensive Home Modifications
Decrease the Need for Human Assistance
Increase Your Safety, Reach, and Mobility
Increase Care Giver Safety When Lifting or Transferring

Without any special tools the RetroLift™ securely attaches to any conventional wheelchair. The wheelchair brakes must be locked before activating the RetroLift™. While sitting on the RetroLift™ the user will gain over 17 inches of vertical lift in seconds by pressing the up button. The user completely lowers the RetroLift™ with the down button before unlocking the wheelchair brakes to continue on with their activities of daily living.

The battery powered RetroLift™ will provide you many uses before recharging is required. Every RetroLift™ comes complete with two 18 volt batteries, a charger, battery transport bag, instructional manual and a 1 year warranty. The RetroLift™ comes equipped with a plush 2” cushion and back support providing hours of comfort in your choice of black or pink. You may also choose a flat seat pan to accept your personal custom cushion.

This simple yet strong, secure, and comfortable device makes daily living activities easier for wheelchair users increasing their independence. The RetroLift™ allows wheelchair users to remain self reliant and provides freedom from vertical restrictions.


The RetroLift™ is designed for safety. A lap belt keeps the user secure; the emergency shut off switch is at your finger tips. If too much force is exerted on the armrests the backrest will come forward to remind the user these are not weight supporting. Internal electronics designed to protect against failure. The RetroLift™ is ETL approved meeting or exceeding all medical equipment requirements.

Fostering dignity and respect –the RetroLift™ provides face to face communication-no longer having to ask for assistance with elevated items at everyday locations- grocery, department store, pharmacy, library, bank, the list is endless.

Every day tasks are made easier and safer:

  • Turning on the water at the sink

  • Cooking on the stove

  • Obtaining items from the refrigerator

  • Getting in or out of a vehicle

  • Transferring between the wheelchair and the bed

  • Conducting personal business at the bank

  • Employment facilities made more adaptable

  • Hotel and entertainment accommodations are made friendly

  • Getting a fallen individual up

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