Made In The USA!


RetroLift™ Folding Cart – Used to transport the RetroLift™ for home health care, used to follow parallel bar patients.

  • Easy to open and close in one step
  • Weight – 9 pounds
  • Capacity- 220 pounds
  • Size closed -28” x 19” x 2”
  • Size open- 39” x 19” x 18”
  • Construction – Steel, aluminum and nylon
  • E.V.A. tires –non-contaminating recycled material

RetroLift™ Ramp – Used to help move an individual from the floor onto the RetroLift™ from floor exercises or when a person has fallen. Once on the RetroLift™ the person can be easily transferred to a wheelchair or get their feet under themselves to regain standing position. Easily stores on the RetroLift™ cart.

  • Width – 18 ½ inches
  • Height - 6 ¼ inches
  • Deep - 13 ¼ inches
  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Oak


  • Do make sure the RetroLift™ is stationary before moving on or off of it. Always sit with your back in contact with the back rest ensuring that users weight is evenly distributed. Obey warning labels.
  • DO know the equipment and controls
  • DO be aware of the battery level on unit; at all times keep a reserve battery ready to use in case the primary battery discharges
  • CAUTION! DO stay alert, pay attention to the operation of the RetroLift™, keep hands, fingers, loose clothing, and other items away from the bellows
  • DO always check the clearances above, below and on all sides before operating the RetroLift™. When traveling up make sure that your path is clear
  • DO check operation daily. Contact a RetroLift™ technician if the lift has any mechanical difficulties
  • WARNING! DO always engage the Wheelchair’s Brakes at all times while operating the RetroLift™
  • DO use the RetroLift™ or a RetroLift™ on a Wheelchair on a firm, level surface during operation.
    NOTE: The RetroLift™ should not be operated on ground affected by adverse weather conditions: rain, snow, ice, sleet
  • DO replace missing or worn warning labels. Contact RetroLift™ for replacement parts
  • DO always keep the lap-belt secured around the waist of the RetroLift™ user
  • DO keep a cell phone or other source of emergency contact with you when using the RetroLift™ in case of mechanical difficulties
  • DO always charge your battery fully, in the event the battery is low or out of charge the RetroLift™ will allow you to return to the closed or lowered position
  • DO make sure that you position yourself on the RetroLift™ so that your back is fully touching the backrest, not sitting back on the RetroLift™ properly may cause injury
  • DO always make sure the screw on the hold-down bracket stays tight at all times. If the screws become loose the hold-down brackets might slide out
  • DO always run the battery to the lowest level of charge, to achieve maximum battery life
  • DO always make sure that your wheelchair is in good working condition at all times
  • DO an inspection of the RetroLift™ before using making sure the connection cords are not frayed and are not loose, electrical wiring is not loose or pinched, the lap belt connects properly, batteries and controls are working properly
  • DO talk with your Physical Therapist and Physicians regarding decubitus and ulcerations to make sure the seating is suitable and appropriate for you
  • DO talk to your Physician about your dexterity; make sure they feel that you can operate the RetroLift™ in a safe manner. The RetroLift™ does require a certain amount of dexterity and motor skills to operate
  • DO check with your physician on independent operation or if you should always have assistance
  • DO know your environment and all of the obstacles that affect you while using the RetroLift™


  • DO NOT operate the RetroLift™ on a grade, or in adverse weather conditions: rain, snow, ice, sleet
  • DO NOT ever exceed the rated load of the RetroLift™
  • DO NOT allow anyone to sit on your lap while on the RetroLift™ , the RetroLift™ is to be used by one passenger
  • DO NOT ever use the RetroLift™ in a confined space
  • DO NOT use the RetroLift™ in a dark area without the proper lighting
  • DO NOT allow unqualified or unauthorized persons operate the RetroLift™
  • WARNING! DO NOT use the RetroLift™ in a vehicle this could result in head or neck injury or death
  • DO NOT attempt to free the lift with the controls if the platform or any other part of the lift becomes entangled with an adjacent structure, get assistance if needed
  • DO NOT attach wire, cable or similar items to the RetroLift™
  • DO NOT alter, remove or substitute any item which would reduce the overall weight or stability of the lift
  • DO NOT allow anyone to tamper or service the RetroLift™ when it is in the up position
  • DO NOT smoke while using the RetroLift™
  • DO NOT operate RetroLift™ under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or medications and any type substance that may cause drowsiness that would hinder your ability to use a machine, this may result in injury
  • DO NOT lean over or lean forward when using RetroLift™ . Stay in an erect position
  • CAUTION! DO NOT raise yourself up with the armrests. They are not intended for weight bearing purposes and will fail if too much weight is applied. Armrests are only intended for the use of resting your arms
  • DO NOT use the RetroLift™ if you suffer from vertigo
  • DO NOT operate or handle hot liquids when using the RetroLift™ , this could result in a burn
  • DO NOT use in areas or time of day that does not have ample lighting.
  • DANGER! DO NOT use the RetroLift ™ if there is any sign of error In the event that assistance is needed use RetroLift ™ in the presence of another responsible party. There is NO emergency lower
  • DO NOT reach more than an arms length

WARNING! Transferring of a consumer from a RetroLift™ with assistance requires training from a healthcare professional. Injury may result to the occupant being transferred or the person helping with the transfer.

CAUTION! Transferring independently: Upper body strength is required and should not be attempted until physicians feels this can be done safely.


  • FDA Registered
  • ETL Approved
  • Patented Product
  • Made in the USA
  • Cushion Colors available- Black or Pink
  • Frame Color - Black
  • Fits 18 -22 inch seat width wheelchair
  • Deep- 18 inches
  • Width- 17 inches
  • Weighs- less than 40 pounds
  • Construction materials: Aluminum and Rugged Polypropylene
  • Lowered Seat Height – 5 inches
  • Raised Seat Height – over 17 inches
  • 1 occupant only
  • 18 volt battery powered motor
  • Maximum weight is 300 lbs
  • 2 sealed rechargeable 18 volt
  • 2.6 Ah Litheon Battery (only 1 required for operation)
  • Battery Charger
  • Seatbelt- waists up to 55 inches, adjust on both sides of the buckle - 2 inches wide belt
  • Battery bag – holds 2 batteries
  • Seat Cushion - 2 inches thick
  • Seat Pan Only - No cushion
  • Velcro strips accept your personal custom cushion
  • Safety armrests swing out to 180 degrees
  • Safety armrests lock into place
  • Distance between straight armrests in the forward position- 14 inches
  • Distance between curved armrests in the forward position- 17 inches
  • 4 Connection Cords
  • Hand Controller