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Lift, Transfer and Remain Healthy with the RetroLift™!

A Must Have for All Medical Professionals!

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics health care workers occupy six of the top ten occupations at the highest risk for back injuries.
American Nursing Association studies show the average nurse lifts 1.8 tons per shift.

When attached to a conventional wheelchair - The RetroLift™ will raise the patient over 17 inches - matching the height of a medical table or bed for easy and safe lateral transfer reducing back and neck injuries to health care providers.

The RetroLift™ makes exercise and rehabilitation equipment more accessible. When disconnected from a wheelchair and used on the floor- The RetroLift™ assists with floor exercises, stretching, and range of motion resulting in more self reliance and improving in mental health.

The ramp accessory is used to help move a patient from the floor onto the RetroLift™. The challenging task of getting a fallen patient back to their feet is less strenuous and requires fewer staff members with the RetroLift™. Raising the patient 17 inches allows them to get both feet squarely on the ground before regaining the standing position.

The parallel bars can be exhausting for the patient and strenuous or potential injury for the therapist that is forced to catch or support the patient. Using RetroLift™ on the cart accessory the therapist trails the patient providing a safe and secure resting option. The cart is easy to use, agile, and strong.

The RetroLift™ aids health care providers in physical examinations and clinical procedures fostering dignity and respect for the wheelchair user.

Home Health Care providers can take the RetroLift™ with you every day. The RetroLift™ eliminates the need for costly, cumbersome lifting devices at home and in health care facilities. The folding cart will fit conveniently into your vehicle.


The RetroLift™ is a must have for every medical facility that is faced with the growing costs of lost work days, worker compensation claims, and qualified health care professionals leaving the industry due to injury.

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